Our Story


As a little girl, Mary fell in love with cosmetics and how it enhanced beauty. Mary has always admired how beautiful people look with and without makeup. Mary's passion for makeup was brought to fruition by her sister when her sister encouraged her to try cosmetics. With courage, Mary started using cosmetics and quickly realized she wanted people to enjoy cosmetics as much as her. Mary knew she wanted to provide cosmetics that would be of high quality yet affordable. She researched ways to bring her vision to life. She spoke about her aspirations to her sister. Soon after a close relative chose to invest in her to help her realize her vision. After much deliberation Mary has put together products to bring to her customers she knew could live up to the hype. Mary has the desire to empower her customers through cosmetics. She wants to continue to ensure that her products are cruelty-free, rich-textured and have high quality. Mary has dedicated herself to her business. Striving to succeed gave her the impetus to turn her vision, hard work and inspiration into an online store with the hopes and aspirations to bring her products to customers everywhere. 


"I believe and hope our customers will love the products as much as I do." ~ Mary Morelion


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